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Club Championship Rules


Garingal club members

Qualifying Events:

State League events (best 7)
Metro-league events (usually 5 rounds, plus Final)
Minor events (CATIs) organised by Garingal

(Note: Summer series daylight-saving events not included.)

Calculation of Points

Maximum score available at each event is 100 (for anyone who wins their class/division/course). In State League events only, the maximum will be reduced to 90 for AS classes and 80 for B, AX or ‘open’ classes.

Points will be calculated by comparing a Garingal member's time with the winner's (even if not a Garingal member) in the same:

  • class (State League events);
  • division (Metro-league);
  • course (minor event).

Garingal members will receive points calculated relative to the overall winner’s time or score, as follows:

  • a percentage of the maximum, reduced by a factor depending on how much the competitor's time exceeded the winner's: same principle as for 'State league events'. (For example, competitors who take 20% longer than the winner in an ‘A’ class event will score 80; competitors who take 50% longer than the winner in an ‘AS’ class will score 45.)
  • For minor and metro-league events: the minimum score for completing the course is 10.
  • For minor and metro-league events: DNFs score 5.
  • DNSs score 0.
  • Helpers who don’t manage to get a run on the day: awarded 40.

Enter-on-the-day competitors at State League or Metro events will still count. At State League events, they will be scored as if they had entered their nearest age class run on the same course. At Metro-league events, they will be scored as if they had run in the lowest division which ran the same course (e.g. Div 5, where Divs 4 & 5 run the same course).

Points for State League events will be taken from Ken Sinclair's web-site. Only the best 7 scores (out of a possible 12) will count, or whatever other system is used for the "Orienteer of the Year" competition. It has been noticed that some people compete in more than one OY class during the year; we will endeavour to count their best 7 results across classes.

Any State League entry will count; there is no minimum 5-round requirement.