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State League

State League events are held around one weekend a month during the winter season.  The State League events are held on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.  Usually, there are 2 state league events on the selected weekend.

The State League is an individual competition for orienteers across the State.  Each person competes against other orienteers in their age division.  Points are awarded to each person based on a comparative ranking of the time it takes each person to complete the event.  The points are tallied at the end of each season to deterine the "Orienteer of the Year" for each age division.

There are around 12 State League events each year spread over 6 or 7 weekends.  You can select which events you want to compete in and do not have to attend each event.

State League events are held outside of the Sydney Metropolitan Area.  They are usually located in rural bushland on private farming properties or State Forests.

There are many courses available at each State League event ranging from easy to difficult and you can select the course best suited to your current level of navigational skill and fitness.

The State League events use "sport ident" data sticks (SI Sticks) rather than relying on the manual card punch system.  Each competitor carries a very small SI Stick attached to their finger to record their presence at each control.  The data from the SI Stick is downloaded onto a laptop computer at the conclusion of each persons course to compare the times and splits of each competitor.

State League are quality orientering events and are worth the effort in attending.  There are usually 100-200 people at each event. 

If you are not a member of a club, you are welcome to attend the State League events.  You will need to pre-enter by filling out a form available from the web link for the event and sending the form to the organising club.  This is to enable the club to prepare sufficient maps for the event.  If you do not pre-enter, you can still attend and "enter on the day" but the range of "enter on day" courses is more limited.

Queens Birthday Weekend

Each year there is a special State League event held on the Queens Birthday Weekend.  It is known as QB3 and, as the name suggests, involves 3 days of competition.  The first two days are an individual event which involves each competitor's time for both days being added together - so you need to be consistent over both days.  The third day is a team relay event.

NSW Championships

The NSW Championships is a special State League event which is held towards the end of September each year.  It is usually a one day event.

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Key Points

  • Individual State-wide competition
  • Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning during winter season
  • Rural bushland navigation
  • Outside Sydney Metropolitan Area