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What equipment do I need?

Not much.

You will need a compass, a whistle and suitable running or walking clothing.  In State League and Australian events, you will also need an "SI stick".

Compass - A compass is required to help you navigate.  If you are new, you are usually able to borrow a compass from the organiser.  As you progress, you may want to purchase your own compass.  These can be obtained from Orienteering NSW or Orienteering Services of Australia . There are some tips on how to use a compass in the training section of this website.

Whistle - A whistle is carried for safety.

Clothing - You should wear clothing suitable for the event.  Most participants at the summer series wear shorts, T-shirt and running shoes.  Participants at MetrOLeague and State League events wear long running pants, T-Shirt, running shoes and sometimes gaiters (for leg protection).  For some events in bushland it is recommended that you wear eye protection as well.  Some orienteers wear "o-shoes" with spikes for extra grip on rocks and loose surfaces.

SI Stick - The State League and Australian events use "sport ident" data sticks (SI Sticks) rather than relying on the manual card punch system.  Each competitor carries a very small SI Stick attached to their finger to record their presence at each control.  The data from the SI Stick is downloaded onto a laptop computer at the conclusion of each persons course to compare the times and splits of each competitor.  You can buy an SI Stick from Orienteering NSW or Orienteering Services of Australia.  Alternatively, they are available for hire at the event at a cost of $2.