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How old do I have to be?

Orienteering is a sport for all ages.

Our youngest competitors are about 7 years old and our most mature competitors are over 80 years old. 

Like most sports, the elite competitors are generally 18 to 30 years old.  The elite competitors are top athletes who can usually hold their own in long distance, cross country or triathlon events. 

The courses are graded on the basis of length and navigational difficulty.  There are age categories from under 10 through to over 75.  Each age category has a different graded course to cater for developing and declining endurance levels. 

Our under 10 juniors compete on "blue" courses which are very easy courses which follow fences, tracks and obvious features are are less than 2km long.  The juniors are "shadowed" by an adult when they are learning how to navigate.  "Shadowing" means an adult follows close behind the junior to check their progress. 

The courses generally get longer and harder for the age groups from under 12 to under 21.  The courses from under 21 through to over 75 generally retain the level of navigational difficulty but get shorter in distance.