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How are the courses graded?

The courses are graded by colour

Blue - Very Easy
A blue course is about 2km long.  The controls are set on obvious features such as fence corners, track junctions and creek bends.  They are suitable for young children, particularly with an adult "shadowing" the young children.

Green - Easy
A green course is usually between 2 and 3km long.  The controls are set in the bush just off tracks, open areas and creeks and are usually near an obvious feature.

Orange - Moderate
An orange course is usually between 3 and 6 km long.  The controls are usually set in the bush with a "catching feature" behind the control.  A catching feature is a linear item such as a track, creek, rock face or open area which will be reasonably obvious to an orienteer if they run too far past the control.

Red - Hard
A red course is usually between 3km and 9km long depending on the age class.  The course can be up to 14km long for elite orienteers.  The controls are usually set in the bush on features (including shallow gullies and small spurs) and there is often no "catching feature" behind the control. 

On red courses, orienteers will often look for an "attack point" to find the control.  An "attack point" is a distinctive feature that is close to a control and is easier to locate than the actual control.  By finding the "attack point" a competitor can be confident that they are close to the control and reduce their margin for error in their navigation.