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What are the age categories?

The age categories range from Under 10 to Over 75.  There are different age categories for different events.

For regular State League events they are usually as follows:

MenAges  Course GradeWomen Ages Course Grade
 M/W OpenAny age  Blue M/WOpen All ages Blue 
 M10A10 and under  BlueW10A10 and under Blue 
 M12A12 and under GreenW12A 12 and underGreen 
 M14A14 and under Orange 1W14A 14 and under Orange 2 
 M16A16 and under  Red 6W16A 16 and under Red 8
 M18A18 and under  Red 3/4W18A 18 and under Red 7
 M20A20 and under  Red 1/2W20A 20 and under Red 5
 M21A21 and over Red 1/2W21A 21 and over Red 3/4
 M21AS21 and over  Red 5W21AS 21 and over Red 8
 M21B21 and over  Orange W21B21 and over Orange 
 M35A35 and over  Red 1/2W35A 35 and under Red 5
 M35-44AS35 to 44  Red 7W35-44AS 35 to 44 Red 9
 M35B35 and over  OrangeW35B 35 and over Orange 
 M40A40 and over  Red 3/4W40A 40 and over Red 5
 M45A45 and over  Red 3/4W45A 45 and over Red 6
 M45-54AS45 to 54 Red 8W45AS 45 to 54 Red 9
 M50A50 and over  Red 5W50A 50 and over Red 7
 M55A55 and over  Red 6W55A 55 and over Red 8
 M55AS55 and over  Red 9W55AS55 and over Red 9
 M60A60 and over  Red 7W60A 60 and over Red 8
 M65A65 and over  Red 7W65A 65 and over Red 9
 M70A70 and over  Red 8W70A 70 and over Red 9
 M75A75 and over  Red 9W75A 75 and over Red 9
The number next to red is the grading of the length of the red course with the longest course being Red 1/2 and the shortest course being Red 9.



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