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Helpers Roster

Garingal runs many events each year and we need club members to assist the organiser of each event, to get things done and to make sure everyone enjoys their orienteering.

So twice a year, we put together a Helpers Roster with members who have volunteered to be helpers at a coming Garingal event.  We do this for the Summer events (mostly Sydney Summer Series score events on a Wednesday afternoon) and for the Winter events in the Sydney region - mostly on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings.

NEW DEC 20: Helpers Roster for 2020-21 Summer events (V3 Dec20)(pdf).

HELP NEEDED: The summer roster needs more helpers. Extra helpers are needed for Sunday events and events in February and March. If you can help, please contact Carol Jacobson ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Helpers: Please contact the organiser of your rostered event to let them know if you will be there. Helping is voluntary but it does help the organiser to know if you will or WON'T be there.  

Organisers: please email any helpers you have not heard from, some volunteered many months ago and people can forget. 

*** We Love Helpers ***

 a Big  *Thank You*  to all helpers and organisers of recent events:    

N Wahroonga SSS9 2 Dec: Toni Bachvarova, Elizabeth Bulman, John Bulman, Robin Cameron, Ross Catterall, Martin Dearnley, Kevin Roberts, Andrew Smith, Dale Thompson, Tristan White.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Martin Cousins.

Waverton SSS8 25 Nov: Ross Barr, Stacey Bryce, Fergus Dixon, Jamie Kennedy, James Lithgow, Angela Selby, Warwick Selby, Dennis Sparling, Dale Thompson, Mike Ward.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Martin Cousins.

Eastwood SSS5 4 Nov: John Anderson, Toni Bachvarova, Elizabeth Bulman, John Bulman, Glenn Horrocks, Graham Horrocks, Merryn Horrocks, Steven Horrocks, Tania Horrocks, Stephen Ryan, Andrew Smith.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Ross Duker.

Putney SSS4 28 Oct: Toni Bachvarova, John Brayan, Fergus Dixon, Carolyn Haupt, Kar-Soon Lim, Dan Redfern, Andrew Smith.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Robert Newman.

Forest Lodge SSS2 14 Oct: Ross Barr, Stacey Bryce and Mike Ward, Bryony and Tim Cox, Graeme Hill, Dan Redfern, Steve Ryan.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Robert Newman.

Frenchs Forest DUO2 05 Oct: Martin Cousins, Stuart Deane, Carolyn Haupt, John Havranek,  Ian Jessup, Bob Morgan, Johnny Petersen, Dan Redfern, Michael Ridley-Smith, Jim Wells.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett.

Putney MM6 23 Sept: Toni Bachvarova, Martin Cousins, Graham Horrocks, Carol Jacobson, Dan Redfern, Warwick Selby, Andrew Smith, David Stanley, David Stitt.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Martin Cousins, Ross Duker, Johnny Petersen.

Scheyville ML4 13 Sept: Ross Barr, John Brayan, Colin Burnett, Barbara Dawson, Natalie Grainger, Riley Grainger, Nikolett Halmai, Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson, Barbara Junghans, Ron Junghans, Istvan Kertesz, Airdrie Long, Johnny Petersen, Warwick Selby, Toby Wilson.

 SPORTident team: Ross Duker, Robert Newman.

 - errors or omissions,  please contact the event organiser.