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Helpers Roster

Garingal runs many events each year and we need a small number of club members to assist the organiser of each event, to get things done and to make everyone enjoys their orienteering.

So twice a year, we put together a Helpers Roster made up from the club's membership where a few members are asked to be helpers at a coming Garingal event.  We do this for the Summer events (mostly Sydney Summer Series score events in metropolitan Sydney on a Wednesday afternoon) and for the Winter events in the Sydney region - mostly on a Sunday morning.

MARCH 2018:  Helpers Roster for 2018 Winter events (pdf) (from 1 April 2018)

NEW SEPTEMBER 2018:  Helpers Roster for 2018-19 Summer events (pdf) (from 1 October)

We ask Garingal members to check here or their newsletters to see if they are rostered for a coming event.

Helpers: Please contact the organiser of your rostered event to let them know if you will be there. Helping is voluntary but it does help the organiser to know if you will or WON'T be there.  

Organisers: please email any helpers you have not heard from, some volunteered many months ago and people can forget. 

*** We Love Helpers ***

 a Big  *Thank You*  to all helpers and organisers of recent events:    

Fox Valley SSS22 27 FebRoss Barr, John & Liz Bulman, Ross Catterall, Bryony & Tim Cox, Fergus Dixon, Jack Lever, Roger Mail, Jim Merchant.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett.

Castlecrag SSS21 20 Feb: Ross Barr, Elizabeth Bulman, John Giles, Nikolett Halmai, Robert Herkes, Carol & Ken Jacobson, Istvan Kertesz, Bruce & June Stanley, David Stanley, David Stitt.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Johnny Petersen.

Ryde SSS18+AC 30 JanToni Bachvarova, Dianne Bergen, Laurent Billot, John Brayan, Colin Burnett, Carolyn Haupt, Kar-Soon Lim, Roger Mail, Bob Morgan, Johnny Petersen, Dan Redfern, Andrew Smith, Ted Woodley.

 SPORTident team: Carol Jacobson, Robert Newman.

Gladesville Sprints1 27 Jan: Melissa Annetts, Peter Annetts, Aniko Fozo-Kertesz, Peter Fozo, Natalie Grainger, Riley Grainger, Lisa Grant, Ralph Scott.

 SPORTident team: Rodd Duker, Carol Jacobson.

North Epping WSS5 13 Jan: Elizabeth Bulman, John Bulman, Natalie Grainger, Riley Grainger, Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson, YC Lee, Margaret Waugh.

 SPORTident team: Johnny Petersen.

Marsfield SSS14 2 JanJohn Anderson, Kath Anderson, David Dash, Ross Duker, Graham Field, Aniko Fozo-Kertesz, Peter Fozo, Barb Junghans, Ron Junghans, Martin Slade.

 SPORTident team: Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson.

Kirribilli SSS13 X5D1 27 Dec: Rochelle Cox, Colin Currie, Duncan Currie, Ellen Currie, Michele Dawson, Andy Graham, Nikolett Halmei, Istvan Kertesz, Elaine Murdoch, Sue Thomson.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett.

Ermington WSS3 16 Dec: Melissa Annetts, Peter Annetts, Toni Bachvarova, Lynda Calder, Martin Cousins, Jamie Kennedy, Tania Kennedy, Warwick Selby, Andrew Smith.

 SPORTident team: Johnny Petersen.

Leichhardt SSS11 12 Dec: John Brayan, Stacey Bryce, Ross Catterall, Andrew Goddard, Carolyn Haupt, Glenn Horrocks, Bob Morgan, Dan Redfern, Mike Ward.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett.

 - errors or omissions,  please contact the event organiser.