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State Award for David Stitt

 One of the major awards for the evening is the "Presidents Award".  This is, as its name suggests, an award given by the President of Orienteering NSW to a person who has provided outstanding service to the NSW Orienteering community.  This year, we are pleased to report that the Presidents Award was given to David Stitt of the Garingal Club in recognition of the outstanding service David has provided to orienteering over a long time.  David has been the secretary of Garingal for the last 24 years, was editor of the Garingal newsletter for many years and initiated and organises the "Moonlight Madness" series each year in Sydney and is one of the main reasons for Garingal's successful growth and organisation over the years.  We join the President of ONSW in congratulating David on his well deserved recognition.

Jai Di Tomasso from Garingal also scored the "Rookie of the Year" award.  Jai is relatively new to orienteering and has competed over the last 2 years in bush events including in the 2012 Australian Orienteering Championships in Tasmania and recently set a course in Macquarie University.  Well done Jai.

GOanna at South Turramurra - Garingal's 2nd Goanna, orienteering goat races, again produced much post-run discussion. With a mass start, some forked controls and the opportunity to skip a control or two, this rarely-used format had the punters enjoying a run for fun and plenty of banter about which forks and which skips were employed. Aidan Dawson took out the 8km Goanna, Mel Cox (BN) the 6km Dragon and Maggie Jones (UR) the 4km Gecko. You can check out the results.  The splits show which options each runner took.  Maps are also on the website - which ones would you skip / fork? Well done to Ian Jessup for introducing the event and organising it and a huge thanks to Col Burnett for configuring the SI (quite an effort) and the control putter-outers and collectors. 


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