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2013 News

Hop Along to Curl Curl

Tuesday, 6 August 2013 - Sydney - It was another big week of orienteering for Garingal with the regular MetrOleague rounds concluding the weekend before last at Lapstone.  With many of the regulars away overseas in the major carnivals, there was an opportunity for the other Garingal members to step up and join the competition.  We had some great results in races.  Importantly, the Garingal Monitors qualified for the final playoff in Division 1 and Garingal Legless qualified for the finals in Division 5.  But more importantly, junior Toby Wilson blitzed the field in to be the fastest finisher in Division 1 beating many of the former superstars in the elite Division. Check out the results and the final MetrOleague points tables.  The finals of the MetrOleague will be held at Cataract scout park in a few weeks time.  Last weekend was a super Junior League event in the bright sunshine at Centennial Park.  


The Junghan Goss from Oringen

Friday 26 July 2013 - Boden, Sweden - Reports received from Barbara Junghans:

Today is back close to Boden town.  In fact, so close no buses were needed.  Those camping (about 5,000 competitors?) simply had to walk across the road.  Again the organisation was fantastic.  They even had a jet-fighter acrobatic display at 8.30am to launch the last day of competition, and the army had a display of with helicopter, tank and similar toys they play with (Boden is after all a military base, back from Afghanistan).  The forest was much more runnable than the last days, but still mossy, and there were many many tracks.
Considering the prestigious roll up of ex-world champions at this event, or who nurture the overwhelming number of Scandanavians at the event, the GO results are not too bad at all.  Ron Junghans came 46th today and ends up 58th in M70 overall (up another 10 places and the second non-scandanavian, almost in the top half, so a good result) out of 110 starters at the beginning of the event.  Ross Barr came 83rd today to end up 65th in M65 overall out of 151 starters - in top half, a good result.  James Lithgow came 78th today to end up 83rd in M55 overall (up another 8 places) out of 146 starters  - almost in the top half, also a good result.  Barbara Junghans came 51st today and finished 49th out of 58 starters - her goal on crutches was to not be in the bottom 10.  Michele Dawson in W20 Elite improved today to come 84th.  Brook Martin came 13th today in the Women's 3-day to gain 2 places and be 16th overall out of 32 starters on Day 1.  Nancy gained another place and her splits show many 2 and 3-minute legs!  
All in all a fabulous event.  Everyone who is a keen orienteer should go to one O-Ringen in their lives!

Thursday 25 July 2013 - Boden, Sweden - Still at the ski-resort, Storklinten, the place with so many rocks no one could count them. Obviously skiers do not notice with all the snow around.  Ross Barr is 61st today, up 1 place overall to 64th.  Ron Junghans, again the first non-scandanavian, is 51st today, up 8 places to 65th overall.  James Lithgow is 77th today, up 2 places.  Barbara Junghans is 54th today, ranked in the same place.

Yesterday we forgot to report on Brook Martin who entered the Women's '3-Day' version of O-Ringen.  Yesterday she came 18th, and today she came 21st but retained her 18th overall.  Brook should be commended for bringing a Canadian friend thousand and thousands of kilometres to Sweden to do her first ever orienteering event (3-Day Easy). Nancy Hayes was not way behind the field at all, just seconds.  Wow.  Then today, she gained 3 places at her second event.  And another omission from your scribes, Michele Dawson in W20 Elite who has had to miss some days, came 88th on Day 2 and 98th today.

Wednesday 24 July 2013 - Boden, Sweden - A new venue today - a ski resort called Storklinton nearly 40km inland.  Big climbs involved.  Ski runs shown on the map, but not always a clearing, some were just a few felled trees across in the middle of the forest. More of those little rocks covered in moss so that you cannot see where you put your foot relative to the real ground level.  

Ron Junghans had a blinder and came 37th today, rising 23 places in his M70 class.  Similarly, Ross Barr came 53rd today, gaining 14 places overall in M65.   James 79th today in M55, gaining 4 places.  Barbara Junghans also had a gruelling course doing it with the support of crutches (as usual), but gained 3 places overall in W60 Short.
The gaps between rocks were sometimes 2 feet deep but covered in mossy greenery so that her crutches would suddenly plummet 2 feet down.  We have no idea how there do not seem to be a lot of people with sprained ankles. Glorious sunny summer weather. Cannot ask for more.
Tuesday 23 July 2013 - Boden, Sweden - Well Day 2 of O-Ringen on Monday was just a little bit better or worse than Day 1, depending on who you were.  With almost 10,000 competitors there must be some up and down (see the photo with 9 finish lanes according to the logo on your bib, and each lane with nearly 1,000 finishers)!  James Lithgow was 15 places better out of 146 (yes, all just doing M55), Barbara Junghans was 3 places better up out of 58 doing W60 Short, while Ross Barr dropped 5 places out of 151 in M65, and Ron Junghans dropped 17 places out of 110 men in M70.  

There were a lot of isolated rocks  that you had to 'ping' in low visibility and relatively flat forest (bit 'bingo' according to Ron).  The rocks got lots of orienteers, as did the dicky track network that was hard to 'keep track of', as were the unreadable marshes. 

Tuesday was a rest day, which of course Garingal put to good use.  A 220km return trip north west to Jokkmokk across the Arctic Circle to see beautiful Swedish forests and lakes and lakes and lakes, oh yes, and a very long river.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, is up at a ski-resort.  Yellow lines on the map mean a ski-run.  
Sunday 21 July 2013 - Boden, SwedenYesterday we arrived in Boden in Sweden almost near the Finland border late by 1hr 40mins because there was a mid-sommer murder on the opposite rail platfrom in Umeå just 90 minutes short of our intended arrival time. Perhaps the train driver saw it happen or something to do with it which delayed things.   Anna and Robert whose house we were renting were waiting for us at the station with 2 cars to carry all 5 of us and our luggage.
Results for Day 1 are not spectacular mostly in the bottom half of the field (except for Ross), but we had fun anyway.  James Lithgow in M55 is 112th, Ross Barr in M65 is 73rd, Ron Junghans in M70 is 87th, Barbara Junghans in W60 Short is second or third last.  Mispunches are minimal in our classes.  
Courses are interesting, terrain started like running in Botanical Gardens according to Ross. Then came many small boulders to 50cm in height, spongy grass in between, many small rocks covered in moss 40cm in diameter most of the time touching each other.  Like large rocks in a river bed, covered in moss.  The older ladies courses stayed in the open forest almost the whole time with plenty of crisscrossing tracks, a few bits of dense stuff.  Beautiful blueberry plants with fruit in the moister areas.  All in all, quite new terrain for all of us and challenging courses.

Välkommen till O-Ringen Boden 2013

Sunday, 13 July 2013 - Boden, Sweden - Folkfesten i Boden närmar sig. Med mindre än 3 veckor kvar till sommarens höjdpunkt är förberedelserna i full gång med att skapa de bästa förutsättningarna, allt för att du som gäst skall känna dig extra välkommen.

I detta nyhetsbrev så hittar du den senaste informationen inför ditt Boden besök. Startlistor, trafikinfo samt detaljerad tävlingsinformation. Och för dig som inte anmält dig än så finns fortfarande möjligheten..

Välkommen till Boden och Norrbotten!


Jai Sets New Course at Macquarie

Sunday, 21 July 2013 - North Ryde - First time course setter, Jai Di Tommaso set an interesting and entertaining group of courses for the Garingal club event and junior league held near Macquarie University over the weekend.  Jai made full use of the beautiful bush tracks on the northern side of the M2.  There were a series of controls located amongst the Sydney sandstone outcrops and subtle creek lines which made running and navigation a treat under the sensational Sydney sunlight.  Every control was designed to make the runner "think about the route choices" and some of the more experienced orienteers found that their selected route may not have been the best option ....  The event was well attended with more than 130 entries and plenty of new juniors joining the fray.  Well done to Jai and the Garingal organising team!  Check out the RESULTS AND SPLITS.


Bedlam at Bay

Sunday 30 June 2013 - Gladesville - There was quite a good turnout for the weekend club event with torrential rain before the event providing a motivational challenge.  Course setter, junior Toby Wilson, had set great courses which started with a number of long legs early on which provided subtle route choices.  The courses then plunged into the intricate layout of Gladesville Hospital which required careful navigation before finishing in picturesque style with a sprint along the harbour edge past Bedlam Bay and into Banjo Paterson Park.  

Thank you to Toby for setting the courses, Huon and Airdrie for braving the mammoth downpour to place the controls and Kevin Roberts for co-ordinating the event in difficult climatic and logistical circumstances ... and keeping bedlam at bay.  Check out the full results and splits and the photos from the event.


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