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NSW Sprint Champs at UNSW

Sunday, 8 March 2015 - Kensington - Garingal Orienteers hosted the first Orienteering Event held at the University of NSW last Sunday.  This Uni NSW Event was the culmination of a weekend of Sprint Orienteering in Sydney. 

The event was designated as part of the National Orienteering League as a world ranking event – and attracted many of the very best Orienteers in Australia.  In addition to these elite competitors, a full range of courses were on offer for the orienteering fraternity – catering for all ages and skill levels. An introductory course was also offered for students at the Uni NSW to have some exposure to Orienteering and learn about our sport.

Ross Barr and Carol Jacobson worked tirelessly to create a new map of the Uni NSW campus – which had not been used for Orienteering before. The campus provides an excellent venue for Sprint orienteering, as the building layouts are close and complex, maximising route choices and keeping the Orienteer focused on their navigation.

Over 300 people attended the event – and provided glowing reports of the new map and the range of courses on offer.  Results were available in real time – displayed on a series of screens located at the assembly area – on the verandah of the Tyree Building adjacent to the main Uni entrance on Anzac Parade. 

The crowds enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere – where they could sit in comfort, discuss their route choices, watch the elite competition  and enjoy some refreshments from Bar Navitas – who had opened to support our event.

Many thanks to all the Garingal Members that lifted (not leaned!) to make the event run smoothly and enjoyable for everyone.

And particular thanks to Rod Eckels and Carolyn Davies for the immense effort in organising the event at this new venue from scratch.  Check out the photos from the event.


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