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North of the Goyder Line

Sunday, 4 April 2015 - Hallett, South Australia - the main national orienteering carnival for the year, the Australian 3 Days, was held in South Australia over the Easter break.  As the name suggests, the carnival is 3 days of races with each race counting for the overall time score over the 3 days.  For the elites, a "prologue" on Good Friday also contributes to the score so for the stars it is actually 4 days.

The location of the events was in open rocky country with mallee trees broken up with open paddocks.  The terrain included some deep erosion gullies, flat areas and the occasional steep hill.  The race times were fast with the top competitors running 5 minutes per km through the terrain.

Garingal was well represented at the carnival with the Schafers, Curries, Junghans, Dawsons, Merchant, Barrs, Hills, Wilsons, Peterson, Gingells, Herkes and Andersons attending.  There were around 660 entrants in the carnival.

The carnival is the main selection event for the Australian 17-20 junior team to compete in the Junior World Championships in Norway in July.  Garingal had 3 contenders in the selection races, Aidan Dawson, Daniel Hill and Toby Wilson.  

All 3 raced very well with Aidan finishing the overall carnival in 3rd place and Daniel finishing in 10th place.  Toby unluckily had punched a nearby control in the sprint on day 1 which put him out of overall contention, but he pressed on to run well over the next 3 days with great result on the long course on the Sunday.  Aidan raced consistently fast over the carnival with the critical moment being a sensationally good 2nd placing in the signature long distance event on the Sunday.  There are 6 places in the JWOC team.  Aidan's efforts were rewarded with a well deserved selection in the Australia JWOC team for Norway.  We congratulate all 3 boys on their efforts and training throughout the year, and particularly Aidan for selection in the Australian team.

Christa and Neil Schafer recorded 2nd placings in their respective divisions, Dean Gingell was placed 3rd in the Open B course, Jim Merchant 4th in M70A, Barbara Hill 4th in W45A and Duncan Currie was 5th in a hotly competitive M16A class.  

Photos from the carnival.  Overall results.


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