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Sportident Air+ demonstration

For those with an interest in Sportident setup going to Ballarat.  Invitation from Colin Price of AussieOgear:

 Sportident would like to give you some information about Air + , the SIAC personal sticks and how it works with traditional orienteering equipment.    Not a big talk but a demonstration, and to answer any questions.

 There will be a meeting at the Eastwood Leisure Complex ,  Sunday 27th at 4.30 pm (after the Australian Middle Distance event). Eastwood Street near Coles.   map

There will be a  demonstration  of the Air + system and how it interacts with current Sportident hardware.      Chris Naunton has been using the Air + system and SIAC sticks for several months at MTB Enduro Events  so has valuable knowledge on how it works.

 Orienteers may also be able to look at and try the Air + units which we hope to have set up at the Australian Middle Distance event and also at the Australian Sprint event.   This will be based around the AussieOgear shop which is the Australian Distributor of Sportident.

It Blinks and Beeps  Finally an SI Stick with decent sound.


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