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A standout crowd at yesterday’s working bee.

 With over a dozen faithfuls the jobs and preparations for the 22 May SL 5 event went rather smoothly.  In fact we finished earlier than normal which allowed a walk around Duffy’s Forest led by Ron J to absorb some of the properties in the neighbourhood. Busy beez

 Scrapping and polishing the hardware to make sure all clocks, control stands and much paraphernalia was prepared to meet GOs high standards.

Afterwards we had the traditional BBQ with the wonderful trimmings.  Even some fresh pickings from the Junghans garden added that touch. 

 Everything was accomplished and we all went home satisfied.

 The list of attendees: Barbara and Ron Junghans, Carol and Ken Jacobson, Bryony and Tim Cox, Colin Burnett and Dianne Bergen, Barbara and Graeme Dawson, Ross Barr, Rod Eckels and Ross Duker.


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