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Sydney 23 October 2016.  Tap and GO

 Modern Times  -  In an effort to make life easier at the registration desk, Garingal brought contactless payment to the South Summer Series event at Clovelly on Sunday.    

 Expect the Tap and Go service to be available at GO Summer Series event;  but please bring back-up cash until the technology has been proven to work reliably.   The system is believed to work with Australian Visa and MasterCards (look for the payWave or payPass symbol on the card) as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

 The event was a great success despite a fairly ambitious 'breeze' and some crossing of a graveyard (did you hold your breath?).  Thanks to Rod Eckels for organising the day.

Picture caption:  Dave Lotty (UR) looks on while Garingal's Rochelle Cox makes an unknown amount disappear from his account. 


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