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Wagga Wagga, June 2017

Garingal took a team of 35 to the Australian 3-Days carnival in Wagga over the June long weekend and returned with eight badges.

The terrain was a mixture of intense granite and spur-gully eucalypt forest, making for testing navigation on all three days.

The weather and courses were wonderful and the three assembly arenas afforded scenic views of both the finish and the surrounding landscapes.

Day 1 Connorton - Middle distanceWW

1st: Mark Brindley M35AS, Neil Schafer M90A

2nd: Clare Jessup W20A

3rd: Tania Kennedy W50A, Ross Barr M70A, Christa Schafer W75A,

     Justine Brindley MWOpenEasy


Day 2 Burngoogee - Long

1st: Mark Brindley M35AS, Clare Jessup W20A

2nd: Tania Kennedy W50A, Ross Barr M70A

3rd: Christa Schafer W75A, Justine Brindley MWOpenEasy


   Day 3 CSU - SprintD3

  1st: Peter Annetts M50A, Ross Barr M70A, Clare Jessup W20A

  2nd: Mark Brindley M35AS, Ellen Currie W16A, Greg Dominish M45A,  Justine Brindley MWOpenEasy

  3rd: Christa Schafer W75A


Great to see so many Garingal colours on the courses.

 Garingal NOL results were

Junior Men: Duncan Currie 8th and Michael Clayden 13th

Junior Women: Melissa Annetts 6th

Senior Women: Lisa Grant 13th

Overall Standings for the carnival

1st: Clare Jessup W20A, Mark Brindley M35AS

2nd: Ross Barr M70A, Justine Brindley MWOpenEasy

3rd: Ian Jessup M45AS, Tania Kennedy W50A, Ron Junghans M70A, Christa Schafer W75A

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