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GO at Aus Champs

Garingal Gets Gold at the opening 2 events of the Australian Champs 2017:dirt

   Ross Barr was the setter for the Sprint champs at CSU Bathurst on Saturday, where 30C temps and some artificial out of bounds areas created route choice puzzles for everyone.

Garingal winners were:

W20A Clare Jessup, W65A Carol Jacobson, Open Easy Justine Brindley. 

M35AS Mark Brindley, M45AS Ian Jessup, M65AS Dennis Sparling, M80A Lloyd Gledhill.

Minor placings went to Nikolett Halmai (2nd in W21A), Michael Hanratty (3rd in M Open) and Robert Herkes (3rd in M21A).

       Course Setter of the Year survey for the Sprint is here


   Graeme Dawson was the setter and Lisa Grant the organiser for the Middle champs at Hill End on Sunday, where intricate gold mining terrain brought many people undone.  

Garingal winners were:

W20A Clare Jessup, W21A Nikolett Halmai, W55AS Carolyn Davies. 

M35AS Peter Fozo.

Minor placings went to Mark Brindley (2nd in M35AS), Ross Barr (3rd in M70A), Dennis Sparling (3rd in M65AS), Ellis Leung (3rd in M45AS) and Istvan Kertesz (3rd in M35A).

    Course Setter of the Year survey for the Middle is here



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