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Australian Champs 2018

 AUSSAAustralian Championships 2018:  

Garingal won five events at the Australian Champs in South Australia  and achieved 10 second placings and 6 thirds. 

We had 26 members competing in the Australian Middle (M), Relay (R), Sprint (S) and Long (L) champs and the South Australian Middle (SAM) champs over two weekends.

 The following people earned podium places in the main championship events:

  Ross Barr (M70): 2nd M, 1st R  ;  Duncan Currie (M20E): 3rd R  ;  Michael Hanratty (MOpenB): 3rd SAM  ;  Robert Herkes (M21AS): 2nd S, 2nd SAM  ;  Barbara Hill (W50): 2nd S, 1st L  ;  Tony Hill (M45): 3rd R, 3rd SAM  ;  Barbara Junghans (W65AS): 2nd M   ;  Ron Junghans (M75): 2nd M, 2nd SAM  ;  Iida Lehtonen (W14): 1st M, 1st R, 3rd S  ;  Angus Leung (M20A): 3rd S   ;  Wendy McConaghy (WOpenB): 1st S  ;  Jim Merchant (M70): 2nd R  ;  Dennis Sparling (M65AS): 2nd R  ;  Toby Wilson (M21E): 2nd R       

Midweek was the Australian Schools Champs.   Garingal were represented by Duncan Currie (Senior Boys), Ellen Currie (Senior Girls), Iida Lehtonen (Junior Girls) and Angus Leung who competed in the Senior Boys Reserve races.

Duncan Currie 2nd S, 10th L, absent ill for Relays ;  Ellen Currie 20th S, 13th L, 6th R  ;  Iida Lehtonen 19th S, 3rd L, 5th R ;  Angus Leung 5th S, 7th L, 10th R

Congratulations to everyone. 



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