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A handful of GOers made the trek to Wedderburn Aerodrome last weekend for the annual NSW MTBO champs. This is orienteering on mountain bikes. You must stick to the tracks, which are denoted by their rideability rather than their width as in Foot O.

Carolyn Haupt was the only competitor in W40 in the Middle Distance on Saturday, conducted in temps of 30C and involving a 5km ride to the start, and the same 5km from the finish back to the assembly!

Ian Jessup was third in the "Recreational" class, an 8km ride that took him just on an hour. John Brayan was 5th in M50, while James Lithgow mispunched in M60.

On Sunday, with temps 10-15C cooler, Ian moved up to 2nd in the Long ("Recreational" was anything but: 16km = 2 hours), John Havranek was second in the eBike category, James 13th in M60, while Michael Ridley-Smith got the dreaded mp in M40.

Thanks to Uringa and Big Foot for these events.



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