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Moonlight Madness Change

Please change your calendar!  Moonlight Madness in September is now starting at Naremburn Park in Naremburn due to some construction activities going on at the original location nominated.  Eventor and our own Moonlight Madness calendar now have the correct location.




NSW Teams to Aus Schools Champs announced

We congratulate Garingal's Ellen Currie and Andra Leung who made the Senior Girls Team, Iida Lehtonen who made the Junior Girls Team, and Cooper Horley who made the Junior Boys Team.  They will represent NSW at the Australian Schools Championships which are to be conducted as part of the Oceania Carnival on 1st to 3rd October 2019 around Wagga Wagga. What a great achievement!


Garingal's youngest member

Aniko and Peter welcomed their daughter into the world this weekend:  Hanna Fozo becomes Garingal's youngest member, 3.4Kg and 52cm long.  Both Aniko and Hanna are well.  We look forward to meeting Hanna very soon!







QBIII Results

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend 3-day.  An amazing 62 members of Garingal participated in at least one of the events this long weekend.  Fantastic!  Congratulations go to the 15 Garingalites who were over-all place-getters when the times for the 3 days were added up.

1st Place:  W35A Nikolett Halmai;  W70A Carol Jacobson;  W21AS Clare Jessup;  M65AS Dennis Sparling;  W65AS Barbara Junghans;  MJuniorB Ben McConaghy;  WOpenB Wendy McConaghy

2nd Place:  M21A Toby Wilson;  W40A Brook Martin;  M65A Warwick Selby;  M35AS Adam Horley

3rdPlace:  M14A Cooper Horley;  M50A Jamie Kennedy;  M70A Jim Merchant;  M75A Ron Junghans


NSW Championships out west

The NSW Middle Distance Championships were held on the shores of Wyangala Dam near Cowra.  Stunning weather, very open great granite country (see photo with place-getters Wendy McConaghy left and Natalie Grainger right).  For some the terrain was steep, and the boulders that littered the hillsides stumped them.  Congratulations to the following place getters:

W12A  1st Lena Baracsi; W16A  1st Iida Lehtonen; W35A  1st Nikolett Halmai; M75A  1st Ron Junghans; M50A  1st Peter Annetts; W21AS  1st Joanna Hill; W65AS  1st Barbara Junghans; M45AS  1st Arpad Kocsik; M55AS  1st Ian Jessup; W Open B  1st Wendy McConaghy.

W12A 2nd Lilja Lehtonen; M35A  2nd Istvan Kertesz; W70A  2nd Carol Jacobson; W Open B  2nd Natalie Grainger; Open Easy  2nd Kirsten Horley.

W40A  3rd Andrea Lux; M65AS 3rd Dennis Sparling; W70A 3rd Bryony Cox; M70A  3rd Ross Barr.

The NSW Long Distance Championships were held not far away in Roseberg State Forest.  Very different terrain.  Not so many boulders, but a lot more forest with fallen timber.  Very nice to see our juniors starting to star!  Also, some repeat offenders getting placed in both championships.

W12A  1st Lena Baracsi;  W Open B 1st Wendy McConaghy; Open Easy 1st Kirsten Horley; M75A 1st Ron Junghans; M45AS 1st Arpad Kocsik;  W65AS 1st  Barbara Junghans

M35A  2nd Istvan Kertesz; W21AS  2nd  Melissa Annetts; M60A  2nd James Lithgow; W70A 2nd Carol Jacobson

W12A  3rd Lilja Lehtonen; M12A  3rd Ben McConaghy; M14A  3rd Cooper Horley; W16A  3rd Iida Lehtonen; W35A  3rd Nikolett Halmai; W40A  3rd Andrea Lux; W50A  3rd Barbara Hill; M65AS  3rd Dennis Sparling


Moonlight Madness 2019

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