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Hill End - GO's BIG DAYS OUT

March 30th/31st saw 59 Garingal members amongst the 400+ participating in the State League 1 and 2 or the National Orienteering League competitions being conducted that weekend.  For Garingal it was a mammoth exercise in logistics.  Jim Forbes was course setter on the Saturday and Aniko and Peter Fozo setters on the Sunday (guided by Controllers Ron Junghans from GO and Andrew Lumsden from BF).  After a year of planning, all went beautifully! We are so indebted to them and to Johnny Petersen and Warwick Selby who were the Organisers, and to the Start team led by Graeme Dawson and the Finish team led by Colin Burnett. A foggy start on the Saturday came after much rain overnight.  But things only got better.  Thirty-five for dinner at the Lodge Motel on Saturday night for a bit more conviviality.  Orienteering runs so well because of the amazing goodwill of the volunteers.  We thank them all - and there were many!


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