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National 3Day over Easter

The National 3-Day comprised a Sprint, a Middle distance and a Long Distance event over 3 days.  Add up the times and the fastest in the class wins.  Congratulations to our place-getters, and especially to partners Nikki Halmai and Istvan Kertesz who each came first in their class - the Master of Ceremonies lost count when he got close to all the fingers on one hand for how many couples had taken out both 1st in their M and W classes.


W35A.  1st Nikolett Halmai; W65AS. 1st Barbara Junghans; M35A. 1st Istvan Kertesz; M70A. 2nd Ross Barr

SPRINT Distance

W35A.  1st Nikolett Halmai, W65AS. 1st Barbara Junghans, M35A. 1st Istvan Kertesz, M75A 1st Ron Junghans, M70A. 2nd Ross Barr, M55AS. 2nd Michael Hanratty, M60A. 3rd James Lithgow

MIDDLE Distance

W35A  1stNikolett Halmai, M35A. 1st Istvan Kertesz, M70A 3rd Ross Barr, W65AS  3rd Barbara Junghans, M55AS  3rd Michael Hanratty

LONG Distance

W35A 1st Nikolett Halmai, M35A 1st Istvan Kertesz, W65AS. 1st Barbara Junghans, W20E. 3rd Iida Lehtonen

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