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QBIII Results

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend 3-day.  An amazing 62 members of Garingal participated in at least one of the events this long weekend.  Fantastic!  Congratulations go to the 15 Garingalites who were over-all place-getters when the times for the 3 days were added up.

1st Place:  W35A Nikolett Halmai;  W70A Carol Jacobson;  W21AS Clare Jessup;  M65AS Dennis Sparling;  W65AS Barbara Junghans;  MJuniorB Ben McConaghy;  WOpenB Wendy McConaghy

2nd Place:  M21A Toby Wilson;  W40A Brook Martin;  M65A Warwick Selby;  M35AS Adam Horley

3rdPlace:  M14A Cooper Horley;  M50A Jamie Kennedy;  M70A Jim Merchant;  M75A Ron Junghans


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