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Some figured out the Molong rock at the Easter 3-Day

Easter at Molong 2021 proved to be a huge challenge due to the black dots and lines sprinkled like 100's and 1000's all over the map.
Take your hats off to the following Garingalites who had podium finishes on one or more of the days, and especially to Istvan, Niki, Ian, Aniko and Cooper for a podium finish overall.
Notably, Cooper was running up an age class in order to have a challenge.

Day 1:   1st: Istvan Kertesz (M35A) and Ian Jessup (M55AS)      2nd: Aniko Fozo-Kertesz (W35A) and Peter Fozo (M35AS).     3rd: Nikolett Halmai (W35AS) and Jim Merchant (M75A)

Day 2: 1st: Nikolett Halmai (W35AS)          2nd:  Ian Jessup (M55AS), James Lithgow (M65A) and Keiran Joseph (MOpenB)       3rd: Istvan Kertesz (M35A), Aniko Fozo-Kertesz (W35A), Cooper Horley (M16A) and Angus Leung (M20A)

Day 3:  1st: Istvan Kertesz (M35A), Cooper Horley (M16A) and Keiran Joseph (MOpenB)        2nd: Nikolett Halmai (W35AS), Peter Fozo (M35AS), Ross Barr (M75A) 3rd: Angus Leung (M20A)

Overall:   1st: none        2nd: Istvan Kertesz (M35A), Nikolett Halmai (W35AS) and Ian Jessup (M55AS)        3rd: Aniko Fozo-Kertesz (W35A) and Cooper Horley (M16A)

Photos: Istvan, Niki, Ian (thanks to Tony Hill).




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