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Naremburn by Moonlight

Sorry for the map not being very clear - for night-time reading - regarding the access options and small pathways by the freeway near controls 2 and 29. I'll re-draw those parts on the master map file for the next time someone would like to use this area.

I'm a run-for-pleasure more than a run-for-points person, but in finally getting around to checking the scores (apologies for not doing them all on the night - I was too cold!), I found it interesting comparing the best two scorers. WHO's Adrian White got the lot but was back just over a minute late so lost 20 points to score 580. Regular Richard Green got all but the two most distant controls (controls 6 and 14, worth a total of 30 points) and was back with over a minute to spare, scoring 570.

I was encouraged that most entrants were able to visit at least half of the 30 markers and achieve scores of 300 or more.  It probable helped that the start was in a corner of the map and not in the middle of the map which seems often to make it a choice of going for one half of the pots or the other, rather than making all the controls available for the average runner.

After the harbour-side hills of Mosman and the backlanes of Crows Nest and the meandering streets of Naremburn, it's off to the surf and sand of Freshwater for Moonlight Madness 3 on S11.  This will be a great segway into the Spectacular 2008-2009 Sydney Summer Series Set to Start Soon after.

David Stitt

St Ives Athletes Foot