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CATI - Willoughby

 The Blue and Green courses were set in the parkland around Hallstrom Park and the Willoughby Leisure Centre.  Youngsters and newcomers explored the area thoroughly with many incorporating a slide on the slippery dip as they raced to the finish.  The Hulst and Stukov families made particularly impressive starts in the sport as they whizzed around the Green course in extremely competitive times.  On the Blue course, the Walsh and Shingler families narrowly edges out young Garingal boys Sam H and Alex K

The Short Orange was the day’s most popular course.  WHO members Marie Ringer and Ted Mulherin were too quick for Garingal on the day.  It was great to see some Summer Series and rogaining competitors also figuring strongly in the results.  Other results of note included a great return to orienteering by Nicole Sellin and an extremely competitive time by 11 year old Tobey Wilson.  Well done Tobey!

The Long Orange course featured Garingal speedsters, with John Havranek running a lightning quick 45.30 in the heat of the day. Glenn Horrocks and Peter Annetts continued their close racing, taking out 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

It was terrific to see many newcomers come along and sample the sport.  We trust that they enjoyed the day and will be back for more through the Summer Series and then the challenge of the bush season next year.

Willoughby Come And Try It 19th October 2008  CourseShort Orange  
 CourseLong Orange    Name ClubTime
 Name ClubTime 1MarieRingerWHN46.55
1JohnHavranekGON45.30 2TedMulherinWHN48.29
2GlenHorrocksGON51.30 3JohnClancy 51.02
3PeterAnnettsGON52.09 4JulianLedger 51.49
4AndyGrahamGON57.08 5Chris Stevenson 51.58
5HuonWilsonGON61.59 6JamieKennedyGON56.16
6WarwickSelbyGON64.45 7DanBunting 58.00
7JamesLithgowGON66.20 8JimForbesGON62.36
8DarrenSlattery 68.05 9NicoleSellinGON63.56
9RodEckelsGON68.45 10ErnestWindschuttelGON64.34
10MattHackettWHN68.45 11TobeyWilson 65.14
11BrendanWalsh 73.13 12CarolJacobsonGON66.08
12MattPetersURN74.49 13TimWaterson 66.58
13SueDavisBF76.11 14Elizabeth & JohnBilman 67.45
14MichaelFree 77.15 15AirdrieLong 69.35
15LynneStanway 82.03 16JillWoodruffBNN76.39
16MarkBrindleyGON85.11 17ChrisAnnettsGON82.05
17JohnAndersonGON94.34 18CharnelleMondy 86.30
18RossDukerGON98.04 19LapKuen Leung 90.19
19JamesStuart 106.55 20EdwardGrigg 103.08
20SteveCraig mp 21JustineBrindleyGON108.56
      22familyFerguson 148.44
 CourseExtra Short Orange  24DamonHoGONmp
 Name ClubTime 25KaiPridhamGONmp
1JimWellsGON53.36 26KenJacobsonGONmp
2MelissaHavranekGON57.15 27Elijah & RaoulLakeGONdnf
3familyBrown dnf 28AngelaBrown dnf
 CourseGreen    CourseBlue  
 Name ClubTime  Name ClubTime
1Angus & JohnHulst 15.11 1Tom & MegWalsh 15.07
2Dmitri & AlexanderStukov 15.39 2Ewen, Nea & MarkShinglerBF16.02
3JoeWalsh 24.00 3SamHavranekGON16.20
4Andrew & HarryMoss 24.27 4TomKennedyGON27.28
5familyChow 24.34 5AlvinCraig 43.53
6David & Karin? 25.10      
8ChloeChan 25.29 67participants   
9familyMurphy 33.56      
11TimGrigg 41.54      

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