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MetroLeague winners

Garingal was the winner of Division 2 in the MetroLeague Finals near Wallacia yesterday.  From left to right, John Brayan, Mike Ridley-Smith, Robert Herkes, Jamie Kennedy and lastly Tom Kennedy.  This was a just finish for Jamie, because as Club Captain he has capably created 9 teams of 5 Garingalites for every one of the 6-event series (despite the fact that some of us only register the day before, or even, just turn up on the day).  As MetroLeague Chief Organiser, Ian Jessup was probably praying for perfect weather - and he got it!  A stunning way to cap off a fun series of events that give a social flavour to orienteering.

A big Thank You to Jamie for being our Club Captain, and another big Thank You to Ian Jessup for organising this event series on behalf of ONSW.






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