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Sunday 19 July  Come-and-try-it - Mosman   GREAT for beginners!  Save money by pre-entering! Free for First Timers!

Sunday 19 July  NOY1 - Pelton

Sunday 19 July  Southern Highlands Forest Series #1 - Boxvale

ALL WEEK:  do one (more) of the MapRuns at West Chatswood -  start here

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Sunday 26 July  Metro League #2 - Manly Vale  Talk to your Club Captain about teamsSmile

ALL WEEK:  do one (more) of the MapRuns at West Chatswood -  start here

Stay safe.   Sealed

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Orienteer any time at Chatswood West using MapRun

Thank you to our Treasurer, Istvan Kertesz, who has put his running shoes on and with Nikki Halmai's help, conquered the vagaries of GPS-driven course setting on a GPS-referenced map at Chatswood West.  Plus, thank you to Carol Jacobson for doing all the mapping side of things for this creative suite.

Notably, any mapper should be cognizant of the GPS situation whenever they put pen to paper to draw a particular feature onto a map.  Alas, back when most of our city maps were created, the digitisation of maps to integrate with global position systems as part and parcel of eventing was never envisaged.  Plus, the challenges of mapping Sydney sandstone configurations, has led to some 'mapper's licence'.  Hence, creating MapRun-compatible courses require lots (and lots and lots) of checking.

Garingal now presents another series of 5 courses at Chatswood West using the smartphone app MapRunF.

  • For instructions how to obtain and set up MapRunF click here, and head from there to the courses.
  • To go direct to the Chatswood West courses click here.




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