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2019 Results List

 2019 Results





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 13 Nov  Leichhardt  SSS 6  (score) (SSS)              SSS  
 10 Nov  Sydney Uni  NSW Sprint Champs  (by class)     Winsplits  AttackPoint      
 06 Nov  Brush Farm  SSS 5  (score) (SSS)              SSS  
 30 Oct  McMahons Pt  SSS 4  (score) (SSS)        Splits      SSS  
 23 Oct  Balgowlah Ht  SSS 3  (score) (SSS)              SSS  
 16 Oct  Putney  SSS 2  (score) (SSS)              SSS  
 09 Oct  Vaucluse  SSS 1  (score) (SSS)              SSS  
 15 Sep  Willoughby  Emerge festival  (line)  Splits        
 18 Aug  Wianamatta  MetrO League 5  (line)  Attackpoint  Livelox      
 04 Aug  Stockrington  State League 11  (by class)  Winsplits  Livelox  RG      
 03 Aug  Freemans W  State League 10  (by class)  Winsplits  Livelox  RG      
 28 Jul  Galston  MetrO League 4  (line)  Winsplits  RouteGadget      
 10 Jul  S Turramurra  Moonlight Madness 4  (Score)     Splits        
 30 Jun  Boronia Park  MetrO League 1  (line)  Splits        
 12 Jun  Pyrmont  Moonlight Madness 3  (Score)     Splits        
 10 Jun  S Highlands  QBIII - SL5, 6, 7  (overall result)             
 26 May  Allambie  MetrO League 2  (line)     Winsplits  RouteGadget      
 15 May  Kirribilli  Moonlight Madness 2  (Score)             
 22 Apr  St Ives  Duo 2  (Duo)     Splits  MTBO  Foot      
 20 Apr  Belrose  Duo 1  (Duo)     Splits  RouteGadget      
 17 Apr  Greenwich  Moonlight Madness 1  (Score)             
 31 Mar  Hill End  SL2 and NOL2  (Long)      Winsplits  AttackPoint  RG    
 30 Mar  Hill End  National O League 1  (Aus Relay Champs)      Splits  AttackPoint  RG    AW
 30 Mar  Hill End  State League 1  (Middle Distance)      Winplits  AttackPoint  RG    
 27 Mar  Pymble  SSS 26  (score) (SSS)                
 20 Mar  Dee Why  SSS 25  (score) (SSS)                
 13 Mar  Killara  SSS 24  (score) (SSS)                
 06 Mar  Belrose  SSS 23  (score) (SSS)              SSS  
 27 Feb  Fox Valley  SSS 22  (score) (SSS)        Splits      SSS  
 20 Feb  Castlecrag  SSS 21  (score) (SSS)        Splits      SSS  
 13 Feb  W Lindfield  SSS 20  (score) (SSS)                
 06 Feb  Parramatta  SSS 19  (score) (SSS)              SSS  
 30 Jan  Ryde  SSS 18 & Ann-Cup  (score+line) (SSS)              SSS  start
 27 Jan  Gladesville  Sprints 1  (by course)  Winsplits        
 23 Jan  Canada Bay  SSS 17  (score) (SSS)              SSS  
 16 Jan  Manly  SSS 16  (score) (SSS)              SSS  
 13 Jan  N Epping  West SSS 5  (score)               
 09 Jan  Longueville  SSS 15  (score) (SSS)              SSS  
 02 Jan  Marsfield  SSS 14  (score) (SSS)              SSS  

A full list of 2018 results can be found here.

*** We Love Helpers ***

 a Big  *Thank You*  to all helpers and organisers of recent events:    

Leichhardt SSS6 13 Nov: Laurent Billot, Stacey Bryce, Barbara Dawson, Fergus Dixon, Jamie Kennedy, Kar-Soon Lim, James Lithgow.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Martin Cousins.

McMahons Pt SSS4 30 Oct: Fergus Dixon, Ross Duker, Michael Ridley-Smith, Sue Thompson, Margaret Waugh.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett.

Putney SSS2 16 Oct: John Brayan, Stacey Bryce, Bryony Cox, Tim Cox, Lisa Grant, Glenn Horrocks, Graham Horrocks, Kar-Soon Lim, Steve Ryan, Mike Ward.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Carol Jacobson, Johnny Petersen.

Willoughby Emerge 15 Sep: John and Liz Bulman, Martin Cousins, Carolyn Davies, Nick Eales, Rod Eckels, Ron and Barb Junghans, Jamie and Tania Kennedy, David Stitt, Margaret Waugh, Ted Woodley, Kristin Young.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Robert Newman.

Galston ML4 28 JulyJohn Brayan, Ross Duker, Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson, Natalie Grainger, Riley Grainger, Carolyn Haupt, Melissa Joseph, Airdrie Long, Dan Redfern, Michael Ridley-Smith, Toby Wilson.

 SPORTident team: Robert Newman, Johnny Petersen.

S Turramurra MM4 10 JulyJohn Anderson, Peter Annetts, Liz & John Bulman, Graham Field, Robert Herkes, Tristan White, Ted Woodley.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Robert Newman.

Boronia Park ML1 30 JuneJohn Brayan, Bryony and Tim Cox, Carolyn Davies, Rod Eckels, John Giles, Natalie Grainger, Riley Grainger, Nikolett Halmai, Ian Jessup, Ellis Leung, Jim Merchant, Michael Ridley-Smith, Katie Robinson, Margaret Waugh.

 SPORTident team: Colin Burnett, Ross Duker, Carol Jacobson, Robert Newman.

Pyrmont MM3 12 JuneToni Bachvarova, Ross Barr, Martin Cousins, Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson, Jamie Kennedy, Dan Redfern, Andrew Smith.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett.

Kirribilli MM2 15 MayFergus Dixon, Andrew Goddard, Nikolett Halmai, Istvan Kertesz, Dave Stanley, Sue Thomson, Ted Woodley.

 SPORTident team: Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson.

Greenwich MM1 17 AprToni Bachvarova, Michael Free, Alan Garde, Nikolett Halmai, Istvan Kertesz, Andrew Smith, David Stitt, Jill Woodruff.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett.

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