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Mapping Workshop

ONSW MAPPING WORK SHOP – 9am-5pm Saturday, 15 February


Sports House, 6a Figtree Drive, Sydney Olympic Park

What’s happening?

Topics will include:

  1. Creating an OCAD base map - specifications & data sources

  2. Use of GPS for field work and using GPS data in OCAD

  3. ISOM standards (the International Orienteering Federation’s standard for foot- O maps)

  4. A fieldwork session at Lake Parramatta.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for any orienteer who wants to make or update an orienteering map. The later sessions will be focussed on ISOM and will be relevant to people who want to make maps using that standard.

It will provide beginner mappers with a theoretical background. Beginners will most likely also need individual mentoring to learn how to draw a map in OCAD (or other programs) and to field work an orienteering area.

More experience mappers can learn more about creating new maps and incorporating recent technologies such as GPS. There will be opportunities to discuss mapping matters, in particular sandstone rock interpretation at Lake Parramatta.

Will there be training on sprint and MTBO mapping standards?

The sessions on creating an OCAD base map and using GPS are relevant to all mappers, so specialist mappers are welcome to attend these sessions only.

ONSW is planning a sprint mapping workshop later in the year. It will conduct a MTBO mapping workshop if there is demand for one.


Completion of the workshop and making or updating part of an ISOM (with a controller or experience mapping overseeing) will entitle the participant to ONSW accreditation as a Mapper.

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