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Moonlight Madness - 9 July 2014

Rofe Park (Sheldon Forest)”

2014 July Moonlight Madness


Scout Hall, Mimosa Oval, off Mimosa Rd, Turramurra

- follow streamers from car-park to the hall.


Date: Wednesday, 9th July 2014

We are pleased to announce the 2014 July Full Moon Moonlight Madness will be starting from the 2nd Turramurra Scouts hall, situated on the western edge of the Rofe Park bushland. And we are also very happy to thank 2nd Turramurra for the use of their hall as our Start/Finish assembly point.

At the request of the Scouts, those coming by motor vehicle, please park your vehicle in the car park at Mimosa Oval – enter from Mimosa Rd. We'll signpost the car-park entrance and then ask you to walk along the streamered short track to the scout hall. Those coming by public transport or cycling can proceed more directly to the hall at the end of Kate St, Turramurra.

What is it, this 'Madness'?
It's a night orienteering course consisting of 30 control sites (things located somewhere on the map). From the Start, on foot using the map to guide you, you have just 45 minutes to locate as many control markers (small flags with red reflectors) as you can, in any order you like, and return. Points are awarded for the controls found, but 10 points are deducted per minute you're out over 45 minutes.

The Map
A special orienteering map has been prepared for this event. The thirty control sites are already marked with red circles on your map when you get it from our Entry table in the hall. You’ll also get a ‘clue’ sheet with a detailed description of each control feature, plus a control card, and a pencil to write the letter code off each reflective-tape control marker, proving to us you found that control. If it's raining (this is Turramurra, after all), we'll give you a plastic bag for the map.

NB: Map scale is 1:7500, but in view of the terrain, has 10 metre contour lines.


What you should bring
You'll need a good torch or headlamp to find your way around and to read the special O-map and control description list at night, even by the light of the Full Moon. And a watch or horologically programmed device so you know what time it is and can come back after 45 minutes. You must come back by 7.45pm!!

Start times are a minute apart. Go in a group, with a partner, or you can have a GO on your own.
Ask any orange
-vested “ASK ME” Garingal club-member what to do when you arrive.

Wear clothing and shoes suited to gentle jogging. And remember your torch or head-lamp, and check the batteries.


The entry fee

- includes the 1:7,500, multicolour, detailed orienteering map, and a list of the thirty control descriptions (you can keep these).

Seniors $10 ($13 for non-ONSW members)

Juniors $7 ($10 non-ONSW members)

Sub-juniors $5 ($8 non-ONSW members)

Groups pay a single entry fee based on the youngest member of the group.

Scouts & Cubs – $5 (Cubs should go with a parent)

Extra maps $1 each


If you are new to orienteering, please fill out our blue disclaimer form – we want you to know you are responsible for your safety and are going out at your own risk (but we do have a first aid kit). Take care on all the bush tracks (sandstone steps are slip-hazards, rocks and roots are trip-hazards, low branches head-hazards) and be careful when crossing all roads. There is drinking water at the hall.

Time: Starts from 5.30 pm until 7:00pm. Pack-up time 7.45pm – be back by then!

Meet at: 2nd Turramurra Scouts hall, E end of Kate St, Turramurra (please park cars at Mimosa Oval car-park). Look for the Garingal Goanna flag, or the red and white ORIENTEERING sign.

Setter & Organiser: David Stitt phone 9413-3814 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


- check out Garingal Orienteers at www.garingal.com.au. for more news and results. You can also look at last year's Moonlight Madness by clicking the Moonlight logo on the right panel of the GO home-page – there's even a link to view a copy of last year's map. Control locations will not be the same in July!



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