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MetrOLeague events are held once a month on Sunday mornings during the winter season.  

The MetrOLeague is an inter-club competition.  Each club fields a team of 5 members who compete against another club.  Each member is awarded points based on a comparitive ranking of the time that it takes the person to complete the event.  The team that wins is the team with the most points.

There are 6 MetrOleague events made up of 5 "regular season" events and one final.  There are graded 5 divisions within MetrOleague .

MetrOleague events are held in or adjacent to Sydney Metropolitan area on Sunday mornings .  The events are set in urban bushland and involve moderate navigating.   An example of part of a map at a MetroOLeague event is below. 

MetrOleague are excellent competition events and a great way to meet other people involved in orienteering.  They are also a good way of improving your navigational skills in bushland where there are lots of other competitors around you. 

If you are not a member of a club, you are welcome to attend the MetrOLeague events and "enter on the day".


Key Points

  • Inter-club competition
  • One Sunday a month during winter season
  • Urban bushland navigation
  • In or near Sydney Metropolitan Area



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