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How do I learn to navigate?

Join a Club

You can join Garingal Orienteers or another club to learn navigational skills in consultation with other club members. 

Have a Go

The most practical way to learn how to navigate is to attend an orienteering event and do a course suitable for your navigational level.  There are very easy navitational courses for beginners ranging through to more difficult courses for the old hands.  You can move up the course grades as your navigational skills improve.  The types of events available are:

CATI and MetrOLeague Events

Between March and October, the "Come and Try It" and MetrOLeague events are a great way to learn how to navigate using a combination of roads, parks and urban bushland.  The urban bushland is contained in small patches of bush which are bounded by streets and parks and usually has clearly marked tracks.  Club members are available to assist you with your navigation at these events.  You can select which grade of course depending on your navigational ability.  The courses range from very easy through to moderate.

Sydney Summer Series

Between October and March, the Sydney Summer Series events are the best way to learn how to navigate.  The Summer Series also use a combination of roads, parks and urban bushland.  The events are 45 minute "score" events and you can select which of 30 controls you want to navigate to during the 45 minutes.  The more controls you get within the time the more points you earn - but if you go over the 45 minute time you start losing points.  The navigation is easy to moderate.

State League Events

The State League events offer a more challenging navigational environment in rural bushland.  They are held between March and October.  The courses at State League are also graded so you can do the level of courses suitable for your naviational ability.  Club members may be also available to assist or "shadow" you at these events if you request with your entry form.

Review Your Course With a Club Member

One of the best ways you can learn how to navigate is to have a go at a course graded for your level and, after completing the course, reviewing the route you followed and your decision making process with a club member. 

Many orienteers draw the route they followed on their map at the conclusion of an event.  This assists with your understanding of your navigation of the event and memory recall process.

Training Events

Garingal Orienteers schedule a training event each year.  The next Garingal training event will be held at Mitchell Park in February 2008.

Orienteering NSW and the other orienteering clubs aslo schedule training events during the year and you are usually welcome to attend these.  Details of these training events can be found on the Orienteering NSW website.

Australian Orienteer Magazine

Once you join a club, your membership fee includes a subscription to the quarterly publication called "Australian Orienteer".  There are general and detailed articles, maps and interviews with elite orienteers about how to navigate in the bush with case studies and examples in challenging terrain.

Coach's Corner

There are some tips on how to navigate in the Training section of this website called "Coach's Corner".  There are also tips on the Orienteering NSW and Orienteering Australia websites.







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