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Look cool, feel cool in a new GO T-shirt

New T-shirt

The first of our new T-shirts have arrived – with a brand new look.

These first 10 shirts are for everyone to try on before they place their order, so when their T-shirt arrives (in a few weeks’ time) it will fit perfectly.

We have shirts to try on in the following sizes:  Men’s: S, M, L, XL, 2XL and Women’s: S, M, L, XL. (Other sizes like men’s and women’s XS and 3XL can be ordered if your size is not in our current range. Children’s sizes can also be ordered.)

The Special Introductory price for club members is $32 per shirt. (They will normally cost $40.)

We are taking preliminary orders now. Members can finalise their order and pay for the shirts through this link to Eventor, or by direct deposit to Garingal’s bank account (details will be emailed to those who place a preliminary order).  

The last day for orders will be noon Sunday 26/11, so we can get the shirts before Christmas. We will have the shirts at SSS events on 15 & 22/11, Maroubra on 12/11, the NSW Sprint Champs on 19/11 and probably the WSSS event on 26/11.

Don’t delay - try on a new T-shirt today!

New GO T-shirts

Garingal has evolved over 40 years… so what’s next?6 Tshirts

 Our new T-shirt is nearly here – like a new model car, it’s “under wraps” at the moment, but will be unveiled in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, if the current shirt is just your style, then we may have “a deal for you”. Our current T-shirts are available at less than cost price: $10 for kids’ sizes and $12 for adults. However only limited sizes are available: Kids sizes: 6, 8, 14 & 16; and Adult sizes: S & M.

If this deal interests you, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . He is generally able to bring Tshirts to SSS events for purchase, or you can discuss other arrangements.




Can I borrow a Garingal map?

Can I borrow a map to run my own event or training ?


   Maps are an important resource to the club and represent a huge investment.  Therefore maps are not generally available to club members.   


   However,  if you have a need to access a map for your own special event, you may complete a request form to ask the committee to review your purpose. Typically it's easier to borrow older maps that have already had full cost recovery while new maps are not easily approved.  The review is conducted based on the Club's Map Lending Policy which is available to the committee and may change over time.  The policy discusses a number of topics  like the purpose of the loan, any financial gains, reciprocal arrangements etc.  Just fill in the form  ** here **  and all relevant information should be available to the committee.  

Submit the completed form by email to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




GO at Aus Champs

Garingal Gets Gold at the opening 2 events of the Australian Champs 2017:dirt

   Ross Barr was the setter for the Sprint champs at CSU Bathurst on Saturday, where 30C temps and some artificial out of bounds areas created route choice puzzles for everyone.

Garingal winners were:

W20A Clare Jessup, W65A Carol Jacobson, Open Easy Justine Brindley. 

M35AS Mark Brindley, M45AS Ian Jessup, M65AS Dennis Sparling, M80A Lloyd Gledhill.

Minor placings went to Nikolett Halmai (2nd in W21A), Michael Hanratty (3rd in M Open) and Robert Herkes (3rd in M21A).

       Course Setter of the Year survey for the Sprint is here


   Graeme Dawson was the setter and Lisa Grant the organiser for the Middle champs at Hill End on Sunday, where intricate gold mining terrain brought many people undone.  

Garingal winners were:

W20A Clare Jessup, W21A Nikolett Halmai, W55AS Carolyn Davies. 

M35AS Peter Fozo.

Minor placings went to Mark Brindley (2nd in M35AS), Ross Barr (3rd in M70A), Dennis Sparling (3rd in M65AS), Ellis Leung (3rd in M45AS) and Istvan Kertesz (3rd in M35A).

    Course Setter of the Year survey for the Middle is here




Wagga Wagga, June 2017

Garingal took a team of 35 to the Australian 3-Days carnival in Wagga over the June long weekend and returned with eight badges.

The terrain was a mixture of intense granite and spur-gully eucalypt forest, making for testing navigation on all three days.

The weather and courses were wonderful and the three assembly arenas afforded scenic views of both the finish and the surrounding landscapes.

Day 1 Connorton - Middle distanceWW

1st: Mark Brindley M35AS, Neil Schafer M90A

2nd: Clare Jessup W20A

3rd: Tania Kennedy W50A, Ross Barr M70A, Christa Schafer W75A,

     Justine Brindley MWOpenEasy


Day 2 Burngoogee - Long

1st: Mark Brindley M35AS, Clare Jessup W20A

2nd: Tania Kennedy W50A, Ross Barr M70A

3rd: Christa Schafer W75A, Justine Brindley MWOpenEasy


   Day 3 CSU - SprintD3

  1st: Peter Annetts M50A, Ross Barr M70A, Clare Jessup W20A

  2nd: Mark Brindley M35AS, Ellen Currie W16A, Greg Dominish M45A,  Justine Brindley MWOpenEasy

  3rd: Christa Schafer W75A


Great to see so many Garingal colours on the courses.

 Garingal NOL results were

Junior Men: Duncan Currie 8th and Michael Clayden 13th

Junior Women: Melissa Annetts 6th

Senior Women: Lisa Grant 13th

Overall Standings for the carnival

1st: Clare Jessup W20A, Mark Brindley M35AS

2nd: Ross Barr M70A, Justine Brindley MWOpenEasy

3rd: Ian Jessup M45AS, Tania Kennedy W50A, Ron Junghans M70A, Christa Schafer W75A



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