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MetrO League at Skyville

ML4   Garingal teams are in the running in 4 of the 6 MetrO League divisions after round four on a new map at Scheyville National Park.

Everyone was expecting forest but instead we had flattish fast farmland - courtesy of its history of:

* experimental farming which trained British youths to become farm workers
* housing an anti-aircraft company and parachute battalion in WWII
* a post-war home for thousands of immigrants seeking a new life in Australia
* from 1965 to 1973 a training unit for officers for Vietnam  

It meant you could really stretch the legs out - but the open terrain and long grass meant that even a slightly inaccurate bearing could mean valuable minutes lost.   

And with controls sometimes in long grass, you had to have more than a 'boy look' to ensure you punched promptly. 

Covid has curtailed the season a little, so in Divisions 1 and 6 Garingal are in finals.

  • In Divisions 2-5 it's first past the post, with the final round at Lansdowne on Oct 18
  • Our Division 2 team lost 28-27 to Big Foot which will mean surrendering the trophy won last year. 
  • In Division 3, both GO teams lost but could yet end up in a 5-way tie for first. 
  • Division 4 are unbeaten and even a loss in the last round should be enough for glory.  
  • In Division 5 we are out of contention.

In the individual points tallies, Garingal runners lead in all but Division 3 and 5.  Looks like there could be some bling coming our way!

A big thank you to mapper and setter Carol Jacobson, controller Ron Junghans, first-time organiser Natalie Grainger, and all the helpers.




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