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SSS 31st Season

On Wednesday Garingal kicked off Season 31 of the Sydney Summer Series with a tough course at Castlecrag on Middle Harbour. An architecturally curious suburb with interesting pockets of bushland.
We congratulate 15 year old course-setter Nick Stanley (pictured) on his first big course-setting exercise.  He tested everyone with lots of up-and-down and controls well spread.  The southern section of the suburb Castlecrag (but the middle part of this map) has a bunch of streets named after parts of a castle: The Rampart, The Bulwark, The Parapet, The Bastion etc.  If you did 17-4 or vice versa you passed through Gargoyle Reserve, named after the mythical creature with bat-like wings, a long neck, and the ability to breathe fire from its mouth. Not sure about fire, but everyone was puffing hard! 
Importantly, 15yo Cooper Horley claimed his first win of the season with a superb 540 points, the youngest person to ever beat all comers!
Garingal is putting on 7 of the 20 SSS events, with next week at Ryde our second one.  These events are great for anyone to do, and they showcase the best bits of each suburb.  Congratulations go also Martin Cousins and his team of new helpers using SI Timing event software for the first time at a large event (210 finishers - fabulous for a first time back after lockdown but only the fully vaccinated permitted to come).



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