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Orienteering Season

There are orienteering events available right throughout the year.  The orienteering season is loosely grouped into 2 seasons - Winter and Summer.


The main (championships) orienteering season is winter which runs from March through to October.  There are orienteering events on most weekends during this period.  The season generally starts around the time of the Australian 3 Days carnival which is held at Easter and concludes with the Australian Championships which is held roughly in the last week of September and the first week in October. 

There are a variety of styles of events.  There are great bush orienteering events just outside Sydney as well as plenty of events in parkland and urban bush areas within the metropolitan area. 

The main events during the winter season are:

There are also mountain bike orienteering (MTBO) events held during the winter season.  The main MTBO events during the winter season are:

  • MTBO Super Series
  • MTBO Australian Championships


The summer season starts in October and runs through to March.  These are mostly score and sprint style events held in the late afternoons in parks and urban streetscapes in the metropolitan area.  The main events are the Sydney Summer Series which is held each Wednesday during the summer season and the Sydney Parks Series (Sprint-O) which is held on Monday or Sunday evenings during January and February. 

There is also a 5 day orienteering event held in rural bushland just after Christmas.


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