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2014 Results List

 2014 Results





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 29 December  Pyrmont Point  SSS 14  Results (raw)  Results (SSS)     Report (ONSW)    Report  
 22 December  Sirius Lee, Mosman  SSS 13  Results (raw)  Results (SSS)        Report  
 17 December  Ferretsville, Forestville  SSS 12  Results (BN)  Results (SSS)        Report  
 10 December  Memorial Park, Pymble  SSS 11  Results (SSS)        Report  
 07 December  Latham Park, Randwick  South SSS 7  Results          
 03 December  Boronia Park, Hunters Hill  SSS 10  Results (raw)  Results (SSS)        Report  
 26 November  Hunts Creeks, Carlingford  SSS 9  Results (BF)  Results (SSS)        Report  
 24 November  Heritage Park, Castle Hill  West SSS 6  Results          
 19 November  Two Creeks Track, E Lindfield  SSS 8  Results (BN)  Results (SSS)        Report  
 16 November  Flockhart Park, Croydon Park  South SSS 4  Results          
 12 November  Cooper Park, Double Bay  SSS 7  Results (raw)  Results (SSS)        Report  
 10 November  Castle Glen, Castle Hill  West SSS 4  Results          
 05 November  The Coathanger, Lavender Bay  SSS 6  Results (raw)  Results (SSS)  Splits      Report  
 29 October  Princes Park, Lindfield  SSS 5  Results (BF)
 Results (SSS)
 22 October  Cleves Park, Putney  SSS 4  Results (raw)
 Results (SSS)
  Splits      Report  
 15 October  Tania Park, Balgowlah  SSS 3  Results (raw)
 Results (SSS)
 8 October  Curtis Oval, Dundas Valley  SSS 2  Results (raw)
 Results (SSS)
 5 October  Clackline, WA  Aus Champs, Relay  Results          
 5 October  Blackman Park, Lane Cove  Cameraygal Festival   Results  Splits        
 4 October  Bakers Hill, WA  Aus Champs, Long  Results          
 2 October  Northam, WA  Kockies' Chorus  Results          
 2 October  Northam, WA  Aus School Champs, Relay  Results        Report  
 1 October  Northam, WA  Kocky's Overture  Results          
 1 October  Northam, WA  Aus School Champs, Individual  Results          
 1 October  Village Green, South Turramurra  SSS 1  Results (raw)
 Results (SSS)
 Splits    RouteGadget  Report  
 29 September  Curtin Uni, WA  Aus Champs, Sprint  Results    AttackPoint      
 28 September  Toodyay, WA  Aus Champs, Middle  Results    AttackPoint      
 27 September  Bindoon, WA  WA Champs, Long  Results          
 20 September  Willoughby  Junior League Final  Results  Splits        
 14 September  Wagga Wagga  State League 15, Middle. NSW Champs  Results  Splits        
 13 September  Wagga Wagga  State League 14, Middle  Results  Splits        
 7 September  Callan Park, Lilyfield  Junior League 8  Results          
 3 September  Lowanna Park, Chatswood West  Moonlight Madness 6  Results      Map    
 31 August  Cecil Hills  MetrO Final and Junior League 7  Results  Splits  Results(team)  Map  Report  
 24 August  Macquarie University  GOanna and Junior League 6  Results  Splits    RouteGadget    
 17 August  Newcastle  State League 13, Middle  Results    AttackPoint  RouteGadget    
 16 August  Newcastle  State League 12, Sprints  Results    AttackPoint

 Sprint: 1  2

 10 August  Magdala Park,  East Ryde  Club event and Junior League 5  Results  Splits        
 6 August  Shrimptons Ck, North Ryde  Moonlight Madness 5  Results      Map with controls    
 27 July  Beacon Hill  MetrO 5  Results  AttackPoint  Results(team)      
 20 July  Belanglo SF  State League 11  Results  WinSplits  AttackPoint      
 19 July  Mittagong  State League 10  Results  Splits  AttackPoint  RouteGadget    
   9 July  Turramurra  Moonlight Madness 4  Results      Map    
   6 July  North Rocks  Turkey Trot  Results          
 29 June  Cherrybrook  Club event and Junior League 3  Results  Splits        
 22 June  Centennial Park  MetrO 4  Results    Results(team)      
 11 June  Putney  Moonlight Madness 3  Results      Map + controls    
   9 June  Dubbo  QBIII - Day 3 (SL9)  Results  Splits  Overall results  RouteGadget    
   8 June  Dubbo  QBIII - Day 2 (SL8)  Results  Splits  AttackPoint  RouteGadget    
   7 June  Dubbo  QBIII - Day 1 (SL7)  Results  Splits  AttackPoint  RouteGadget    
 01 June  Lindfield-Seaforth  NOSH Footrace  Results          
 25 May  Oatley  MetrO 3  Results    Results(team)      
 18 May  Rydal  State League 6  Results          
 17 May  Wallerawang  State League 5  Results  Splits        
 14 May  Primrose Park, Cremorne  Moonlight Madness 2  Results (pdf)      Controls    
 26 April  Ben Bullen  NSW Long Championships (SL4)  Results  Splits  Splitalyzer  RouteGadget    
 25 April  Lithgow  NSW Sprint Championships (SL3)  Results    Splitalyzer  RouteGadget    
 18-21 April  Clandulla  Easter 2014  Results & Splits          
 13 April  Manly Dam  MetrO 2  Results    Results(team)      
 9 April  Vineyard Creek  Moonlight Madness 1  Results          
 06 April  Northbridge  Local  Results  Splits        
 30 March  Ryde  Minigaine  Results          
 26 March  Macquarie Uni  SSS 26 (final)  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 SSS Cup
 Splits  Control Visits  Popular Route Choices
 23 March  Mt Annan  MetrO 1  Results    Results(team)      
 19 March  Clontarf  SSS 25  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 Splits  Control Visits  Popular Route Choices  Report  
 16 March  Northern Tablelands  State League 2  Results          
 15 March  Northern Tablelands  State League 1  Results          
 12 March  West Pennant Hills  SSS 24  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 Splits  Control Visits  Popular Route Choices  Report  
 9 March  West Pymble  Sprint Series 10  Results & Splits      RouteGadget    
 5 March  Chatswood  SSS 23  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 Splits  Control Visits  Popular Route Choices
 2 March  Pyrmont  Sprint Series 9  Results (raw)  Splits        
 26 February  Double Bay  SSS 22  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 Splits  Control Visits  Popular Route Choices  Report  
 23 February  Parramatta  Sprint Series 8  Results  Splits        
 22/23 Feb  Central Coast  O'Shea 2-Days  Results        Report  
 19 February  Castle Cove  SSS 21  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 Splits  Control Visits  Popular Route Choices  Report  
 16 February  Callan Park  Sprint Series 7  Results          
 12 February  Denistone  SSS 20  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 Splits  Control Visits  Popular Route Choices  Report  
 9 February  Abbotsford  Sprint Series 6  Results  WinSplits        
 9 February  Avoca Beach  Central Coast SS10  Results  Splits    Course    
 5 February  Pennant Hills Park  SSS 19  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 Splits  Control Visits  Popular Route Choices    
 2 February  Woy Woy  Central Coast SS 9  Results          
 2 February  Georges Heights  Sprint Series 5  Results  WinSplits        
 1 February  Chatswood  Christmas Party  Results          
 29 January  Birchgrove  SSS 18  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 26 January  Gladesville  Sprint Series 4  Results  Splits        
 26 January  The Entrance  Central Coast SS 8  Results          
 24 January  Centennial Park  Space Racing  Results  Splits        
 22 January  North Narrabeen  SSS 17  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 Splits    Map  Report  
 20 January  Carss Park  Sprint Series 3  Results  WinSplits        
 19 January  Towoon Bay  Central Coast SS 7  Results          
 15 January  Leichardt  SSS 16  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 Splits    RouteGadget  Report  
 13 January  UWS Parramatta  Sprint Series 2  Results  WinSplits        
 12 January  Ettalong Beach  Central Coast SS 6  Results          
 8 January  Rydalmere  SSS 15  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)
 Splits      Report  
 5 January  Sydney Uni  Sprint Series 1  Results  AttackPoint        
 1 January  West Lindfield  SSS 14  Results (raw)
 Results (processed)

 A full list of 2013 results can be found here.


*** We Love Helpers ***

 a Big  *Thank You*  to all helpers and organisers of recent events:    

Eugowra 2020 NSW Champs 10-11 Apr: John Anderson, Melissa Annetts, Peter Annetts, Luca Baracsi, Toni Bachvarova, Ross Barr, Carolyn Davies, Barbara Dawson, Graeme Dawson, Rod Eckels, Peter Fozo, John Giles, Natalie Grainger, Robert Herkes, Barbara Hill, Tony Hill, Adam Horley, Kristen Horley, Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson, Melissa Joseph, Barbara Junghans, Ron Junghans, Jamie Kennedy, Tania Kennedy, Istvan Kertesz, Arpad Kocik, James Lithgow, Aidrie Long, Andrea Lux, Peter McConaghy, Wendy McConaghy, Jim Merchant, Clare Netherton, Warwick Selby, Andrew Smith, Kristin Young.

 SPORTident team: Karla Burnett, Riley Grainger, Nikki Halmai, Matthew Hill, Kieran Joseph.

Chatswood SSS26 31 Mar: Kim Cleland, Peter Fozo, Aniko Fozo-Kertesz, John Giles, Andy Graham, Ken Jacobson, Iain McKernan, Dave Stanley, David Stitt, Dale Thompson, Ted Woodley.

 SPORTident team: Martin Cousins, Carol Jacobson, Robert Newman

Northbridge SSS23 10 Mar: Rochelle Cox, Andrew Goddard, Lisa Grant, Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson, Jamie Kennedy, Kar-Soon Lim, David Stanley.

 SPORTident team: Robert Newman, Johnny Petersen.

Hunters Hill Sprint1 21 Feb: Ian Blayden, Elizabeth Bulman, John Bulman, Ross Duker, Peter Fozo, Aniko Fozo-Kertesz, Karin Hefftner, Roland Simpson, Sue Thomson, Larry Weiss.

 SPORTident team: Martin Cousins, Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson.

Frenchs Forest SSS18 3 Feb: David Bray, Andrew Goddard, Nikolett Halmai, Glenn Horrocks, Graham Horrocks, Barb Junghans, Ron Junghans, Roger Mail, Jim Merchant.

 SPORTident team: Martin Cousins, Johnny Petersen.

 - errors or omissions,  please contact the event organiser.