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Control Descriptions

 Each competitor is given a description sheet identifying the feature that each control point is on (eg. rock, watercourse, man-made object).  The description sheet is either in words or has special symbols.

The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) has determined standard symbols for control points.  World wide standardised special symbols are necessary because orienteering is a truly international sport with perople of many nationalities and languages. 

The full range of these IOF symbols and how they should be read can be found here .



Coach's Corner

Welcome to Coach's Corner!   This area contains information about how to improve your navigation and other orienteering skills.

Our club members are always more than willing to offer advice at any event.   Please approach them to ask for help.  Our club members usually wear Garingal shirts at events and are easily recognisable.  At Garingal events, our members who are rostered to help you will be wearing an orange "ask me" vest. 

Orienteering Terms

Like any sport, orienteering has its own jargon.  So what is the jargon and what does it mean?  Find this out by looking at the Orienteering Terms Guide.

Orienteering Tips and Skills

Set out below is information about how to navigate and improve your orienteering skills.

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The files above are in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat) so you can download them or read them online.

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Map Symbols

 Each map has symbols, colours and lines to mark the features on the land.  These are used to navigate to each control point.

There is a standard for what and how the symbols, colours and lines are printed on an orienteering map.  

An official list can be downloaded as a pdf file from here.




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